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Brian Lee

Hello Vicky,


There is a keystroke for setting column title reading in an Excel worksheet and one for setting row title reading.  At least, this is true for JAWS 2019 when using Excel 2013 but I think it should still work when using Excel in Office 365. 


To set column title reading move to the row that contains the column titles and use JAWS key with CTRL, Alt and C.  To use row title reading move to the column that contains the row titles and use JAWS key with CTRL, Alt and R.  After setting column and row titles every time you arrow up or down you should hear the row title and every time you arrow right or left you should hear the column title for the column focus moves to with the arrow keys.  They are not easy keystrokes but you can add keystrokes or they can be changed in the keyboard manager for Excel.  If you have a number pad then you might consider holding down the big insert key (JAWS key) and the CTRL key just to the left of the left arrow key using your right hand, and hold down Alt to the left of the spacebar perhaps with your thumb of the left hand and find the C if setting the column title reading or R for the row title reading. 


Several years ago, Freedom Scientific put out a DAISY book on why using the Excel naming feature should be used instead of using the JAWS method for applying titles to columns, rows or both columns and rows.  When using the Excel method anyone using Excel can take advantage of the naming feature as changes are saved in the workbook instead of in a JSI file as with JAWS.  The above keystrokes can be used but using the Excel naming method was recommended by Freedom Scientific in the training documentation.  If the worksheet is just for your use then using the keystrokes above will likely suffice but if you want more info on the Excel naming feature feel free to contact me.    


Take care.


Brian Lee



From: [] On Behalf Of Vicky Vaughan
Sent: June 28, 2019 11:51 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Column and Row announcements?


Hi List, Is there a quick way or shortcut command to turn the announcing of columns and rows in Word 365 with Jaws 2019?


Thanks very much!


Sincerely, Vicky V            




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