Re: Column and Row announcements?


Hi Vicky,

I use MS2010, and jaws 2018, but I think it will do the same thing.


Excel Row and Column Title Reading


1, be in the cell roll you want it to be read, like A1

2, Press insert V

3, press the letter T

4, arrow down to title reading

5, arrow down one time to, Define Name Column and Row Titles off

6, press the space bar until you hear current file

7, arrow down two times to title reading detection off

8, press the space bar

A, the first choice is read the column

B, read the row

C, read both

9, after you make your choice then press enter twice

Then it will go back to the work sheet


Hi List, Is there a quick way or shortcut command to turn the announcing of columns and rows in Word 365 with Jaws 2019?


Thanks very much!


Sincerely, Vicky V            




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