Status update: Outlook calendar issue

Ken Chernack

Hi all.

Many months ago, I spoke to the Tech Support folks at The Sparrow and then wrote an entry to this list.

A few replies said… thanks, keep us posted.


Okay, consider this email a call to action… grassroots CUSTOMER (that's YOU and me) support/turmoil.


The problem: due to a bug in Jaws Outlook 2016 (and probably other supported versions) does not give correct schedule information in day and month formats.


I am using latest Jaws 2019 and Windows10 products.


I had to update from Outlook 2010 to 2016 for them to talk to me about this issue.


The Sparrow acknowledges the issue and has given it a priority 3.


I have waited 4 to 6 months for a correction. Nothing timely happens on priority 3 problems.

My calendar has become just about worthless.

I hear 8 appointments and there are 2…. I hear 13 appointments for the day and there are 3, I hear 5 appointments and there are 0 appointments.


I have lost my patience.

As they say at Joe's Garage, "the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets greased and repaired!"


Do you have this problem and have been passively sitting around ignoring it?

Stop. Call Tech Support and complain, complain, complain.

I just made that phone call…. had a productive discussion and am now writing this note.

Tell them that the tracking number is -

"The key tracking number in our development database on your multiple appointment issue is:

BZ 106500


Let's get some action.

Let's get Outlook Calendar working correctly.


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation..




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