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Don Raikes



I am running jaws version 2019.1906.10.400 on windows 10 pro version 1809 and prior to today version 1803.


Whenever I access a menu that has a submenu, I am automatically forced down into the submenu and can’t get out. 


I assumed it was JAWS doing it because of the whole virtual ribbon mode, but it doesn’t matter whether I have virtual ribbon menu checked or not for the application.


When I am in the submenu, if I press left arrow, jaws announces the name of the menu item with the submenu, but doesn’t get me out of the submenu. Alt+left arrow has the same effect.


This happens in all kinds of applications except for thos with the actual virtual ribbon menus like word and excel.


For example, I set jaws to only show in the system tray, but when I use insert+j to access the jaws menus, I am stuck down in the tandem submenu and can’t move back up to get to the options menu.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





Thanks, Donald

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