Re: Using unicode emojis?

JM Casey



Well, not 100% certain I understand the query, but unicode characters are defined by number codes. So you can input them into yoru documents by typing the number of the code, selecting it, and then hitting alt-x. The nubmers should be replaced by whatever character is desired … which could include a small image.

This doesn’t work in all contexts, only in Microsoft Office, I believe, but a lot of programmes will recognise unicode values.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Using unicode emojis?




I would like to know how to employ these.


I use the image ones you can paste, but not sure what to do with the Unicode ones.


They look like numbers and not an image, at least this is the way Jaws reads them, and not understanding how a group of digits, when typed out, don’t look like a group of digits, instead of an image.


Thanks for educating me.


I also should learn when and when not to use them.



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