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Holger Fiallo

No. I checked no all got deleted. When I was using another server provider for email, I could copy my email to another folder and delete the mail. Now with google is a major pain. It has so many folder that the same email gets copy in most of them. Would love deleting those folder that I do not need and just keep the one I created.


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Hi Holger,

can you get them from the deleted folder?

I think people are mistaken about keeping messages in their junk and deleted folders.

Messages, unless they have attachments, take up almost nothing from your hard drive space.

A year of messages without attachments are seriously a drop in the bucket of your hard drive space.

Keeping messages is useful so you can search for messages for information, or in case you accidentally delete a message.

I have thousands and thousands of messages in my deleted and junk folders, I only permanently delete  them if they have an attachment, and once or twice a year I go in and delete them.

Hopefully you did not permanently delete them.

But to answer your question, did you copy them, or move them?

It may be safer to move them instead, because if you only copy them, Windows may assume that if you got rid of this message in this folder, you also don't want the copies.

And you can search all folders with shift + control + F with most eMail programs.





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Subject: [jaws-users] Emails


Morning, all

Using outlook,jaws 2019 and w10. In outlook, when I copy an email to folder and delete  all jumk and other from the google folder the copies got deleted also. I thought if you copy the email to another folder they will be safe. Help.

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