Re: Searching outlook email with W10

Glenn / Lenny

Hi Susie,
It depends on your eMail program, but I use shift + control + F, and tab to the criteria you want.
If you make it too specific, you will get too many results.
If for example if you are looking for a message from John Smith, you would be better to search for Smith instead of John, in most cases, unless you get a lot of messages from Smiths, or if you are looking for a message from a .EDU sender, like John.Smith@..., you could look for just EDU in the from field, and if you are looking for a message with the word dog in the message, you can put that in to narrow the search.
But putting criteria in the message body slows it down, because your computer will have to read all the bodies in the eMail folders for that word.
But if you search for messages with Smith in the from field and dog in the message field, it will only read those messages which came from Smith.

Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:51 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Searching outlook email with W10

I was about to search for anything within my inbox or any other folder. Something changed about a year ago. What is the best way to find an email from a specific sender?


Susie Stanzel

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