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chris judge

These computers are running 1809. Our service desk hasn’t given the go ahead to upgrade to 1903 yet.


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If you’re running what does 19.03 there is a camera driver update Freedom Scientific email me off-line I’ll send it to you need to install damper work fine

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Yes I did. It’s on by default. I tried all three settings.



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Did you turn on the Pearl camera light?  I don't have time to look up the command, something like control-shift-l.





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Subject: [jaws-users] Pearl camera issue


Hi folks:


Using a HP elite book, windows 10 and jaws 2019.


While attempting to use the pearl camera I’m getting the following.

I press insert Space, followed by O, followed by a. The pearl camera is showing, yet when I press acquire I get the message, OCR started. Nothing else happens. I’m not getting the shutter sound and no recognition is happening.


Any thoughts?





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