Re: Excel Formula

Chris Chaffin

I do not know what cell in column B your answers will start and end in.  But here is a formula that you can use.


Now, you will have to put in the cells that are covered in column b for b1 and b20 that I put in the formula.
The formula basically counts each cell that has a yes in it for your cell range in column b, and divides it by the total cells that contain answers in your range in column b.

One more thing that you will have to do is to format that cell as a percentage so it will show as a percentage and not a decimal.

Hope this helps.


On Jun 25, 2019, at 7:16 PM, Steve & Shannon Cook <cookcafe@...> wrote:

Hi All,


Using Excel 2016, Windows 10 and the current version of JAWS.  I have an Excel sheet in column A I have the task a person must perform.  In Column B I will answer yes or no if they can perform the task.  Here is my issue, I want to create a formula at the bottom of column B to determine if they answered yes to 80% of the questions.  I would greatly appreciate your assistance!



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