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I believe the best approach will be the CountIf function. You weren't specific as to whether you'll be filling out the spreadsheet and whether the number of questions will be consistent but let's assume you'll have a constant 20 questions and you'll be entering an uppercase Y for yes and an uppercase N for no. Let's also assume that you'll be entering these Y and Ns in cells B1 through B20. You could place the following formula in cell B21 to give you a count of the Y values:




If desired, you could place another formula in cell B22 to divide the result in Cell b21 by 20 to calculate your percentage. You can be as creative as you like and could use an If function to test whether the division is 80% or greater and even incorporate everything into one formula but the larger the formula gets, the more difficult it is to resolve any problems.


Good luck.


Alan Lemly



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Subject: [jaws-users] Excel Formula


Hi All,


Using Excel 2016, Windows 10 and the current version of JAWS.  I have an Excel sheet in column A I have the task a person must perform.  In Column B I will answer yes or no if they can perform the task.  Here is my issue, I want to create a formula at the bottom of column B to determine if they answered yes to 80% of the questions.  I would greatly appreciate your assistance!



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