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When I worked for the VA, they had a national contract with FS to write and maintain scripts for CPRS, which is their patient record system. The problem was that the VA didn't always consult with FS when making updates to CPRS, which were frequent, so there was always a catch up period where access was problematic. We also did constant battle with the security folks who wanted to control all access to the system for everyone. I would have to place a work order and make an appointment with a tech just to do something as simple as downloading and installing a monthly JAWS update. The stress surrounding all of this was a major factor in my decision to simply retire.


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Let's bring this back to Jaws, and leave the bureaucracy and politics out of

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So basically, what they, and other companies like them, are saying is: Tough
cookies to you. We don’t care what the ADA says. Please forgive the

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I have never been in a situation to personally have to enter anything in
hospital charts.
I work at a rehabilitation agency, yes, but my job is dealing with adaptive
devices outside of computers.
I work with the people that get to deal with hospitals when these situations
come up.
Like Vicki said, it is really hard to get them to budge if it isn't a
permanent job, and even then, it is extremely costly if it can be done.
First step is to talk with the I.T. folks or at least, their HR department,
since this is an accommodation issue.

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I ran into this problem when doing my hospital internship. I was working
with three different hospitals and none of them were willing to share with a
third party. I was told that if it was a permanent work situation, maybe,
but not for an internship.

The only solution I had was to get a reader who they approved, someone in
the same program I was in, and have her enter into the charts whatever I
told her. Not the ideal solution as her mistakes, if any, became my
mistakes, but it was all I could do.


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Hello JAWS Users,

I am a totally blind JAWS user. I will be starting a hospital residency
in August. A requirement of this residency is to write charting notes in the
hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR), through the hospital’s secure
IntraNet. The charting software used by this hospital is Cerner/PowerChart.
Does anybody know about the compatibility of this software with JAWS 18?

Thank you,

Kelsi Watters

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