Re: Need mor help eliminating grammar announcement in word

Brian Lee

Hello Mike,

First of all, if you turn off the display of grammatical errors in Word you
will not be able to use Word's feature of displaying incorrect grammar in a
document. The JAWS detection of the marked errors only points out the
places in the document marked with the blue underline by Word. Turning off
the JAWS detection does not turn off Word's displaying of grammatical
errors. However, it is the JAWS detection that doesn't stop when unchecked
in the Settings Center. Turning off the Word options affects the proofing
and the display of errors whereas the JAWS feature is just for whether or
not those errors should be detected by JAWS and spoken.

To access the proofing options in Word do the following:

1. Hold down Alt key, press F while the alt key is held down and then
release the Alt key. If you are used to the menu structure that is the same
keystroke used for going into a file menu. The Alt+F keystroke activates
the File button in later versions of Word.
2. After using the Alt with F keystroke use the letter T by itself. This
activates the Word Options menu item.
3. After pressing the letter T focus should go into a list of categories
for the Word options. At that point either press the letter P to select the
Proofing options or use down arrow key until you get to the Proofing
4. Once you have selected the Proofing category by either pressing P or
using down arrow to it, you use the tab key to move from option to option
relevant to proofing.
Use the tab key (in Word 2013 you tab 12 times but it might vary in other
Word versions) until you find a checkbox labeled "Mark grammar errors as you
type." If JAWS says it is checked then use spacebar to uncheck it. If in
the future you want grammar errors marked by Word as you type in a document
then go back into the options and check the box.
5. After using the spacebar to uncheck the box use tab key a couple times
to find a checkbox labeled "Check Grammar with Spelling." If JAWS says it
is checked then use spacebar to remove the checkmark. If in the future you
want grammar to be checked with spelling then go back into the Proofing
options and check this box.
6. After using spacebar to remove the checkmark use tab key until you find
the OK button and use spacebar to activate the button.

The above steps are for stopping Word from marking grammatical errors with a
blue underline. If you want Word to display grammatical errors but not have
JAWS detect and speak them that is where the current problem with JAWS lies
as using the checkbox in the JAWS Settings Manager to stop the detection
doesn't seem to work, at least for Word 2013.

Take care.
Brian Lee

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I've tried going to word to stop the announcement," gram. error", but can't
find options. the file menu isn't like the ones before. Not good at
working with these changes. Help appreciated.


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