Re: ASCII COde, Please

JM Casey

Hey jerry.


Your question caused me to do a little bit of research. Some symbols appear to be font dependent when it comes to standard character codes; it looks like the checkmark is one of them. In other words, you will not be able to get this in the standard way using an alt code in most fonts available in Microsoft Windows. It looks like the alt code is 0252, but in most fonts, this will show up as a u diaresis (sp) symbol.

There’s a neat, rather strange, way around this, which avoids having to use the symbols list or library in MS office. I tested this and it seems to work beautifully, but you may be a little bemused.

Try this method.

Go to where you want to insert the checkmark

Type in the numbers 2713 (this is a unicode value)

Now, select those numbers with your cursor.

Now type in alt-x.

The numbers will disappear and be replaced with a checkmark.

Like so

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