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Not really, it's what you get for not being careful during the installation process. Many sites or programs have some cost-deferral arrangements with commercial vendors to help defray costs of their programs, particularly free ones, so there are checkboxes by default that are checked on many download sites.

When you are going through the process, you need to verify that you only have the box checked for the program you want; otherwise, you will install unwanted programs like this anti-virus program, or google toolbars, etc.


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This is what you get for installing c cleaner and other so called apps like
this which get their revenues by installing other shady crap on to your

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I got it removed. I called the Microsoft Disability answer desk.

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Hi. Avast? I wouldn't touch that puppy with a thousand-foot pole; Defender
can do better and it's built in too.


On 6/21/2019 1:44 PM, cecropia64 wrote:
really?? i tried several times and it just sat there doing nothing.? i
had to have a sighted person remove it for me.? next time i try i will
go into safe mode first and see what happens.


On 6/21/2019 1:27 PM, Nino Dagostino wrote:


Avast has a removal tool, you are supposed to run the tool in safe mode.

When avast was on my computer I ran the tool anyway and it removed

I am just sharing what I did.

In safee mode there is know speech.

Have a good day.

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Hi, Avast got installed along with CCleaner how do I remove the
thing?? Help is appreciated.

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