Re: JAWS Startup and Shutdown

Glenn / Lenny

It is not that we don't know when Jaws is shutting down, it is that in windows 10, there is no shutdown sound for some folks.
But some people relied on another screenreader making its shutdown sound to know that windows has closed it for shutdown.
However, to your example, I have tried to shut off Jaws, and sometimes it takes a long time to shut down and I have to alt + tab around to make sure it is actually unloaded.  So Jaws does say it's shutting down, but it would be nice to know when it is actually unloaded.

Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2019 2:04 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS Startup and Shutdown

Hello Everyone:


This is Stanley Haupt from Lehighton, PA. I did recheck the different settings for starting and shutting down JAWS. It does say JAWS Professional when JAWS comes up talking. If I select Alt-F4 JAWS says Shut down Windows. I hit enter and the computer shuts down. Thanks to those who sent me email about this feature for JAWS. I now have all the settings checked. Start JAWS at the logon screen checked, Start JAWS for all users checked and Start JAWS for this user always.


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