Re: Getting Ride of "grammatical error" in word

Hozefa Tambawala

I am also having the same issue and wondering why setting under JAWS
is not working?

On 6/21/19, Larry Volk <> wrote:
There is a switch in setting center that allows you to turn off misspelled
words and grammatical error messages but it didn't stop the messages when I
used the arrow keys to go up/down line at a time. I had to go into the word
options and turned off the automatic spelling and grammar while typing.

Alt+f, (file)
Press the letter T for options
Go down to proofing
Then tab across until you hear 'check spelling while you type' uncheck this
Tab twice more until you hear 'correct grammar while you type' uncheck this
Tab to ok


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How do I stop jaws from saying "Gramatical error" all the time, when
documents? Just started with last update of Jaws.


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