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Glenn / Lenny

When I shut down the computer with NVDA running, I hear the NVDA unload sound, and if I did not exit NVDA, that means the computer is shutting down.

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Hi Gerald,
You are making a comparison of the operating system versus an application.
Jaws and Openbook are both applications,and if neither are running at the
time Windows shuts
down, you would still not have any indication that Windows is doing so.
So, adding a shutdown sound to Jaws would not be a reliable indicator.
On my systems, when I execute a shutdown command , Jaws notifies me that
Windows is shutting down and I am about to be logged out.

Rick Justice

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No, no!?? There's no way I'm hacking the registry just to get a shutdown
sound.?? This isn't rocket science.?? If Open Book can have a shutdown
sound, there is no reason why JAWS can't, either.


On 6/21/2019 8:13 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
> According to this How To Geek article, you have to now edit the registry
> to get the exit windows sound back.
> Up to you if you want to do this, but this is the link to the article I
> found:
> Richard
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> One of the most annoying things about running Windows 10 is that there is
> no shutdown sound to indicate that your computer has shut down like in
> previous versions of Windows.?? The only reliable way to determine for
> sure that your computer has shut down completely is to listen for the
> internal cooling fan to stop spinning, which is not always possible,
> especially with a laptop whose internal fan may emit little or no noise.??
> But the next best thing would be to have JAWS issue a shutdown sound
> whenever you close it manually or you shut down your computer.?? Is there
> any way to assign a shutdown sound to JAWS??? That other unmentionable
> screen reader has a shutdown sound, so I don't see any reason why JAWS
> couldn't have one, also.
> Gerald

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