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Vicki W

I ran into this problem when doing my hospital internship. I was working with three different hospitals and none of them were willing to share with a third party. I was told that if it was a permanent work situation, maybe, but not for an internship.
The only solution I had was to get a reader who they approved, someone in the same program I was in, and have her enter into the charts whatever I told her. Not the ideal solution as her mistakes, if any, became my mistakes, but it was all I could do.

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Hello JAWS Users,


I am a totally blind JAWS user. I will be starting a hospital residency in August. A requirement of this residency is to write charting notes in the hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR), through the hospital’s secure IntraNet. The charting software used by this hospital is Cerner/PowerChart. Does anybody know about the compatibility of this software with JAWS 18?


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Kelsi Watters

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