Re: Compatibility with Medical Charting Software

Richard Turner

I don’t know about that software in particular, but I know that most hospitals will not allow third party software access to patient information.

I work for a rehabilitation agency and our staff who deal with job site accessibility run into this all the time.


Have you talked to their I.T. staff to find out if they are willing to put Jaws on their system?


I hope they are and that the software won’t require thousands of dollars worth of scripting, but it probably will.


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Hello JAWS Users,


I am a totally blind JAWS user. I will be starting a hospital residency in August. A requirement of this residency is to write charting notes in the hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR), through the hospital’s secure IntraNet. The charting software used by this hospital is Cerner/PowerChart. Does anybody know about the compatibility of this software with JAWS 18?


Thank you,


Kelsi Watters

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