Re: Using Insert F10 instead of Alt Tabbing

Van Lant, Robin

Thanks, Rebecca.  I’ll play with your suggested approach.  I liked the list box view of the F10 route, but as the day goes on, I see other background apps filling in that list.



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Instead of pressing alt-tab if you have more than two programs open,

Press windows key-tab.

You will be in a list of running apps in which you can press the left and right arrow keys to go from one to another.  When you find what you want, just press enter to select it.  If instead you want to close a program, when you find it, press the context menu key and arrow down to close and press enter.

Windows-t will put you on the taskbar, but this will give you all programs you’ve pinned there as well as running programs.  Again, use the left and right arrow keys to navigate.  


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Alt tab cycles you through open apps. Like word, outlook, etc.


Insert f10 opens the list of applications running on your device, i.e.  pointing device, outlook, a message if open, and other devices like in your case Bluetooth devices and there seems to be 2 of those running on your device.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Using Insert F10 instead of Alt Tabbing



I recently learned about using Insert F10 to switch between programs.  This seems like it will be helpful when I have a lot open and alt tabbing would take longer.  What I’m curious about is stuff showing up in this view that I don’t know about and seems like it adds clutter.  I’m on a company laptop, so I’m guessing this is extra stuff my company is running in the background, but I’m wondering if this is similar to what others see.   Here is an example:


I’m in Windows 10 with JAWS 2019.  The only programs I have launched are JAWS and my Outlook inbox.  Alt Tabbing only shows my desktop and the inbox, since I have JAWS running in the system tray.  When I press Insert F10, this is what I get. 

Running Applications List box
HubWindowPlugin.dll On Top
1 of 4
HubWindowPlugin.dll On Top
2 of 5
Inbox - Robin_Van_Lant@... - Outlook Minimized
3 of 5
JamPostMessageWindow Restored
4 of 5
Synaptics Pointing Device Driver On Top
5 of 5


Do others see stuff running in what I’d call the background that is listed here?


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