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Richard Turner

Our office began using it in February.
Our staff has much the same response as Robin's.
The blind users, like myself, have fits with it; and the sighted staff really do not like it, but can manage.
I have found that using a bluetooth keyboard with a smart phone and accessing through the browser works better than try to use Jaws on their site.
Do not try the app if you have a smart phone though, because it is missing tons of stuff.
Under request time off, there are less than have of the categories on the app as on the web site as one example.
The easiest way to deal with it is to get sighted help. But, at least, requesting time off is manageable with the smart phone route, though also very tedious.
Whoever marketed this mess as accessible should be punished.

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I was recently laid off with a group of staff due to budget mismanagement, here in Nebraska, so I don't need to be worried about Work Day any more, but I know that it is complicated enough that the sighted staff needed training for it, and I never bothered to look at my retirement information, because I did not want to spend the time to learn it for every task I want.

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Workday is software to manage personnel information for companies.  We use it here at my company.  Workday has been working on accessibility.  When I started using it a couple years ago, they had a special link within the software for a supposedly accessible version.  Now they have integrated accessibility into the main program.  The tricky part is that Workday is highly customizable by a company.  I have heard of people outside my company that love Workday, but everyone here at my company thinks its terrible.  I'm not even talking about blind people.  What I find very challenging with it is that, at least for the way our company implemented it, there is so much clutter on the screens and it's really hard to find things.  I'm a manager, so I have to do extra stuff aside from the basics.  I'd say a lot is read by JAWS, but it's hard to decipher where I'm supposed to go and what to click.  Again, even my sighted colleagues find our version confusing.     There is one design issue I definitely find an access issue wit.  If I come to a field and have to select from a few choices, Workday does not present it as a drop down list or combo box. Instead, JAWS sees at as an edit field, but it's not the kind where you can start typing and select from autocomplete options. Instead, there is a little icon to the far right of the edit box where you are supposed to click and then a list appears, but the list is not accessible.  That is my one consistent access problem, aside from the general navigation issues.

Happy to give more insights, with the caveat that each company can customize, so your experience will likely feel a bit different.

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Has anyone heard of a platform named work day?  Is it accessible?


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