Re: annual license for Open Book?

Richard Turner

I was not going to say anything more after Rick's note about this being off topic until someone gave crazy wrong information.
Openbook 9 was release about 10 years ago, not 20--which would be the late 90's. I'm not sure when the transition happened between Archenstone to Openbook, but it was in the late 90's. 
Sorry, but I had to chime in.

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On Jun 18, 2019, at 7:09 PM, David Ferrin <owner@...> wrote:

This to me is kind of a grey area. Open Book is self voicing and there for off topic. On the other hand you can use it with JAWS with some fiddling that I know how to do but I wonder how many others know those tricks. So for the most part I come down on the side of it being off topic.

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true.  they haven't updated it in a few years now and it would be nice
to see something new from them sometime in the near future.

On 6/18/2019 4:13 PM, Alan Lemly wrote:
I don't get the impression that OpenBook is being updated with enough frequency to justify paying an annual license for it.

Alan Lemly

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Subject: [jaws-users] annual license for Open Book?

Hi all.  Since there's now an annual license for Jaws home users, has FS or Vispero considered having something similar for Open Book software? Just curious; thanks.


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