Re: An Outlook issue with JAWS, let the finger pointing begin

Larry Volk

I’ve never used this feature before so I’m not sure what all you should see. But I tried alt+h+u and was able to read two options.


I’m running win10, latest JAWS2019 and Outlook2010.





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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] An Outlook issue with JAWS, let the finger pointing begin



Here are my test results

  1. .  Running Win 10 with Outlook 2010 and the latest JAWS,  Alt, then H, then U pulls up the scheduling assistant, even though JAWS does not read any key accelerators when navigating to the Scheduling Assistant with tabs on the ribbon.


  1. Windows 10 with Outlook Subscription Version 16.0.10730.20334 with JAWS 2019 May release, I can also use Alt, then H, then U to pull up scheduling Assistant, even though JAWS does not real any key accelerator on the ribbon button.


So, unless you are on Outlook 2019, I’m not sure what the issue is for you.  Meanwhile, I’m glad to know of this shortcut versus the way I had been getting the the Scheduling Assistant.


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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] An Outlook issue with JAWS, let the finger pointing begin



I’ll have to look at my home computer still running Outlook 2010 to compare.  I have never used the keystrokes you mentioned, but the Scheduling Assistant is clearly on the Meeting ribbon when you are in a new meeting.  What I can see when running Outlook 2016 is that JAWS does not read out a key accelerator combination when focus is on Scheduling assistant, or frankly any other buttons on that Meeting ribbon.  JAWS does read the keystrokes for buttons on other ribbons in Outlook, so it’s not a JAWS setting issue.  I have tested this and gotten the same results with JAWS 2019 (May update) and also JAWS 2018.  I’m thinking Microsoft does not offer key accelerators to get to options on this ribbon.  I’ll check tonight with Outlook 2010. 

What I do to access this Scheduling Assistant is to hit Alt when in a meeting invitation and then tab about 6 times to the button.  The Meeting ribbon is the default ribbon, replacing the home ribbon when in an invitation.  I would love if the accessible version of the Scheduling Assistant (Alt Shift S) could be opened when in the Appointment view, rather than having to switch to the Scheduling Assistant view first, but, oh well. )


Robin Van Lant



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Subject: [jaws-users] An Outlook issue with JAWS, let the finger pointing begin


Good morning all.  I just spent the last half hour on the phone with Microsoft reporting an Outlook issue.  The hot key combination Alt Plus the letter H followed by the letter U will not bring up the scheduling assistant when sending an appointment from the calendar.  I have had this issue reported to me by others here at work.  I have tried it with JAWS, and cannot get it to work for me.  I have found the scheduling assistant using the search method in Outlook, so I know we haven't disabled this functionality here on our end.

Using the scheduling assistant is very helpful, when I am trying to set up a meeting with one or more others in my organization.  Microsoft says no one else has complained.  I talked with Vispero Tech support, and they blame Microsoft.  Meanwhile, I can't get a resolution to this issue, and probably won't unless a random update comes along and resolves the problem. The blame game doesn't help customers.  I wish we could get better support than this from both parties, instead of each blaming the other.  I'm a little frustrated with this type of response. 



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