Jaws Not Reading Outlook Express Messages

Glenn / Lenny

A friend of mine is using Windows 7 and Outlook Express, the paid program, and the latest Jaws.
He thinks it is when he has WinAmp open, but I'm not sure that it is related to WinAmp.
But he opens a message and cannot read it.
If if he switches to an older version of Jaws, like Jaws 2018, he can read messages for a while, and he has the same problem.
If he switches back to 2019, he can read it.
If he unloads jaws and reloads it, he can read messages.
He did a jaws repair and that did not help.
He reinstalled Jaws and that did not help.
I'm wondering about his display settings, but Windows says that the 1280 by 1024 is the recommended settings.
So I'm not sure what might work.
Any ideas?

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