Happy with June update of JAWS2019


Hello all:


Just a note to say that I am very happy with two things I note in the latest update of JAWS2019:


First and uppermost, the fact that when composing a new email with Outlook 2016 and landing on the TO: field, when you begin typing a name or email address, it now behaves like it used to, with JAWS reading choices as you type.


Secondly, I am very happy they are finally paying attention to PuTTY, the free SFTP client that many of us use to access a remote command line, in my case for Unix servers.  It has a ways to go, as it still does not read the actual line the cursor is on, nor when you backup to correct something you typed, but at least it echoes the screen as results appear.  I hope they keep working on this tool, so important to some of us.








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