Re: Spell check in Outlook2010


When I use spell check with outlook 2010 I go to the top of the page and press F7. That will take me to the first misspelled word in the document. Spell check spells the word that is misspelled the way I spelled it. I press the tab key and that brings me to the suggested replacement list. Usually the one on top of the list is the one I want. But, if it isn’t I use the arrow keys to choose the one I want from the list.

When I find the spelling I want I press the tab key repeatedly  until I find the action I want, usually that is to replace. Then I press the return key and spell check continues to the next misspelled word. I will say that I don’t look for misspelled words while I type, because that interrupts my thought process and I have trouble creating sentences. So I go to the top of the document to check for misspelled words after I have finished my thoughts. That is the way I have spell checked this email.  

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Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2019 4:42 PM
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Subject: [jaws-users] Spell check in Outlook2010


I’m not sure when this started but I just noticed it since the June update of JAWS2019. When the spell check finds an error and the list of choices come up, JAWS reads the first option—(word then spells it). When I downarrow to the next choice JAWS only spells the word. I have to actually use the read word key sequence. Anybody know of a way to set this back to the way it used to be?




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