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Kimsan <kimsansong@...>

Wow! 👏

How long has this been around?


Is it a jfw 2019 thing? 🕺🕺

This is cool!

Best regards,


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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Need help with emogies


Hi Mike,


When you are in any type of app that will accept text like email, text file or document, open the Emoji panel with either, Windows key + semicolon key, or, Windows key + period key, now arrow around to the emoji you want and press enter.  Now press escape to close the emoji panel and you should be able to read the emoji you just pasted into the file you're working with.  If this doesn't work write back and we'll see what else to try.  These are the steps that work for me.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Subject: [jaws-users] Need help with emogies


I can get into the emogees, but can't make it appear on a message.  I hit enter, but nothing happens.  My wiife tells me that theddre's an x box, but I can't find it with jaws.  Is there a command key?


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