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Thank you!

Got it sorted.


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Yo Bro,


It's kind of tough to set the date and times with Jaws, but while you're in the date field press the, End key, to take you to the end of the line and use your backspace key 8 or 10 times to delete everything first.  Know what day of the week you want to scan so you can enter the correct date if you are going to scan on a weekly schedule and below is the format you use.  Read character by character to make sure you get it correct.



The time format is below and read character by character to get it correct.  It goes hour, minute and seconds.  You can use single digits for hours, but you must use double digits for minutes and seconds.

5:00:00 PM   or    11:30:30 AM


If you would like we can Tandem later today and I can get my wife to view useing the Tandem video feature.  Also, that 4 letter screen reader works better doing this time & date thing.


The above are the s

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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Subject: [jaws-users] setting up time and date in mwb



I am using the latest version I think of mwb, 3.71?

I thought I had it scheduled to run weekly scans.

I’m trying to set a date for it, but it keeps saying invalid time or date.

How do I write the formats?




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