jaws stops reading article because of an edit field

Miriam Vieni

There's a newsletter called Truthout and toward the end of each article,
there's a kind of insert where the reader is told that he or she can receive
a daily summary by filling out the following form. There's then a place for
one's email address and , if I remember correctly, a sign up button. Before
my calamitous move to Jaws 2019, I was able to just arrow through that form
quickly and resume reading the rest of the article which continues
underneath it. Now, I can't do that any longer. I'm stuck there. I can't go
back above it and use insert 2 to just read everything. I can't get to the
bottom of the article and arrow up. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Another issue, Jaws is set at intermediate verbosity, where it was before. I
often copy articles and post them on the Blind Democracy list. I have a
routine way of doing that. I've copied the article into the message. I then
go to the top of the message where the title is, copy the title, and shift
tab once to the subject line where I paste the title. I can still do that.
However, Jaws is not saying shift tab as it did before. It says nothing when
I press those 2 keys in that situation.

Another thing it has stopped doing, it doesn't tell me that I'm in the
original message after I've replied to a message. I can find out, but it
almost never tells me that automatically.

Perhaps this is all just a punishment for still having a Windows 7 computer?


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