Major problem with spellcheck and Outlook and word


Hi. I had this problem on my previous computer, but not 100% of the time. Now it’s 100%  (or maybe 99.999%) reproducible.

I go into Outlook or Word and generate an e-mail or document. I spellcheck – either by pressing F7 or by sending and having Outlook auto-spellcheck. The first error and suggested correction works fine. When I press a key combo (change, ignore, add, etc) the programs go to the next error, but JAWS does not  read them. It stops and says nothing. If I right-arrow I can hear the error letter by letter, but not the change suggestions.

I’m using latest JAWS, Windows-10 and Office 2019. This is a major issue and seems to clearly be a JAWS interaction issue.

How can I fix this?


John Riehl

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