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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Miriam,
I too used to make the subject less descriptive, and years back when I realized that all the web searches I do gave me needed information and the information I found was from lists like this, and non-Blindness lists, I realized the importance of having a meaningful subject.
Web searches, like with Google, provide more meaningful results if we use subject lines that relate to our message.
Sometimes we feel like it only affects this list and its members, but it affects the entire world.
Most list archives are available to web searches and people not on the list from around the world will be reading our messages.
So when I create a subject, I always give it some thought, as to what I'd be searching for in Google.

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Sorry. I forgot that this is an obsessive compulsive list. I will, in the
future, attempt to make my subject line conform to the material in my email.
I have been admonished, and I am duly regretful.

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What kind of a subject line is this? Please review the guidelines.

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JAWS is indicating the phonetic pronunciation of the letter when you move to
it and pause. You can adjust these settings in: Insert+6 for configuration
manager, Text Processing, General, Phonetic Announcement.


On Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 05:51:34PM -0400, Miriam Vieni wrote:
> I thought I solved my problem. Well, I did, sort of. Jaws is no longer
> echoing words in Outlook or in word. However, it still occasionally
> says a random word which starts with a letter that it seems to
> arbitrarily choose.
> For example, I re-read the word, "occasionally", just now to check my
> spelling, and Jaws then chose the letter I and said a word starting
> with that letter . I've now used the insert 2 method in addition to
> the more comprehensive insert 6 method, and I'm hoping that Jaws will
> stop providing me with these random words.
> Miriam

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