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Miriam Vieni

OK, with Rebecca’s directions and this explanation of how I get from one choice to another, I think I did it. For me, this whole thing is a nightmare. It happened because someone was helping me download Jaws 2019 but wasn’t able to stay until the whole thing was done. I never did all the settings myself, before. Thanks.




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Hi Miriam,


Here's a little more to add to what Chris has said:


It's called phonetic announcement and here's how to turn it off:
1. Open the Settings Center with, Insert + 6, on the number row then press, control, shift + D, to open default all applications.
2. Arrow down to, Text Processing closed, right arrow to open, down arrow to, General closed, right arrow to open, down arrow to, Phonetic Announcement,
and rightarrow to open.
3. With Phonetic Announcement open you have 2 choices:
A. Down arrow 1 time to, Spell phonetically always, this is a checkbox.  To turn it on press the spacebar to check this box.
B. Down arrow again  to, When pausing after character navigation, and this option has 4 choices that you toggle through using the spacebar.  To turn off
use the first choice from below.
* Speak character phonetically never.
* After one half second.
* After 1 second.
* After 1 and one half seconds.
4. After making your selection tab to, Okay, and press enter to save and close.
Bill White
I believe it is JAWS 2019 you installed. To turn off Phonetic announcements,


1. Press JAWS key plus six on the numbers row, just above the letter Y.
2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus D to load the default JAWS configuration.
3. Type the following letters with no spaces between them:


p h o


4. Arrow down through the search results looking for the words


When pausing after character navigation, speak character phonetically


5. Tap the space bar until you hear the word Never.
6. TAB to the OK button, and press ENTER.


Now, as you arrow through a document and pause, you will no longer hear the phonetic announcements.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!
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JAWS is indicating the phonetic pronunciation of the letter when you
move to it and pause. You can adjust these settings in: Insert+6 for
configuration manager, Text Processing, General, Phonetic Announcement.


On Fri, Jun 07, 2019 at 05:51:34PM -0400, Miriam Vieni wrote:
> I thought I solved my problem. Well, I did, sort of. Jaws is no longer
> echoing words in Outlook or in word. However, it still occasionally says a
> random word which starts with a letter that it seems to arbitrarily choose.
> For example, I re-read the word, "occasionally", just now to check my
> spelling, and Jaws then chose the letter I and said a word starting with
> that letter . I've now used the insert 2 method in addition to the more
> comprehensive insert 6 method, and I'm hoping that Jaws will stop providing
> me with these random words.
> Miriam

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