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Judy Jones

Hi, Kevin,


I thought I remembered a thread on a list of someone trying to develop an extension like this, but that there were several security problems, and it had to do with going into developer mode.


Was it this extension at one time, or possibly another with another developer?


I’m not even sure which list had this conversation, but thought I would check before downloading.



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To download the extension:

1.            Unzip the file.

2.            Copy the file path by pressing shift-application key, arrowing up to the option and pressing enter.

3. Go to extensions section in Chrome, chrome://extensions by pressing alt-f,release and press  l, then e.

4. Toggle on "Developer mode"

5. Click on "Load unpacked"

6. Tabbed 1 time to an edit field and paste the file path of the unzipped folder.

7. Tabbed to the select folder button and pressed spacebar. The extension is installed.

8. Toggle off "Developer mode"

9. Done


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Subject: [jaws-users] Chrome Extension for Solving Captchas



Now that I have begun using Google Chrome regularly, I was wondering

whether there is an extension for solving captchas, similar to the

Webvisum captcha solving add-on for Firefox.?? Doing some research, I

came across a Chrome extension called Buster that supposedly automates

those annoying audio challenges that are almost impossilbe for human

ears to decipher.?? Has anyone tried this extension or found some other

captcha-solving extension for Chrome that is JAWS accessible?










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