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keep pressing the 2 till you hear characters if you want characters.

Legend has it that on Thursday 6/6/2019 06:12 PM, Miriam Vieni said:
It says none, word, character. So when it says, "word", what am I supposed to do?


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You may have accidentaly toggle to word with insert 2. Just press insert 2 until none or other options.

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I just don't want the words to echo.


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the quickest way seems to be to press insert-6 (that is the 6 on the number row)
That brings up the settings center. If you want this to apply for everything, press control-shift-d for the default settings.
In the edit box, write, typing and hit enter.
You should be on Typing echo words. tap your space bar until you get to off, if you want Jaws to remain silent, shift tab to OK and hit enter, you may need to do that a second time and then confirm you want to save the default settings.

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On Jun 6, 2019, at 12:51 PM, Miriam Vieni <<mailto:miriamvieni@...>miriamvieni@...> wrote:
How do you turn off the words echoing feature? I never had it before and I'm
not sure I like it.



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