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Holger Fiallo

Yes. It did not work. I try to send a test message did not go.

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thunderbird is ok. but if you have logged into your google account and changed
the security settings to block unsecured apps you still won't be able to send
or recieve messages from a gmail account.
they do not want you to use wlm or thunderbird as your email client and will
block you with this setting.
Consider using Thunderbird as your email client in Windows 10.?? It is easy to
use and install, and has a classic menu structure.?? I gave up on WLM because
messages would constantly become corrupted and impossible to open, and on my
previous Windows 7 computer, WLM itself became corrupted and had to be
repaired.?? This won't happen with Thunderbird, which is very stable.


6/5/2019 7:37 PM, Holger Fiallo wrote:

Using windows 10 current, jaws 2019 current and for emails WLM. I am getting
error message when I check my mail now. Before I was using RCN services and now
google for primary email. Getting tire of dealing with the message. Looking for
a accessible mail. Mail from windows 10 is a pain and hard to use so I want
something else to check my mail. Never had this error message when I check my
mail when I had RCN but now with google I get it. Hope someone can suggest a
very accessible mail for me.

Holger Fiallo

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