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Judy Jones <sonshines59@...>

With NVDA I could fill in the e-mail, with Jaws I could not.

Now, I'll try by turning of the virtual cursor.

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Thank you Robin. You are correct.
Yes this definitely does help.
I am using a beta version of JAWS 2019, but is not the issue at all.
I actually found out earlier that if I arrowed I would never see the
e-mail edit field, but if I tabbed I did see it.
I had similar experiences with NVDA as well so it may be an issue
with how the page is laid out and not screen reader specific.
At 03:15 PM 6/3/2019, Robin Frost wrote:
Hi Larry,
Once logged into Pay Pal if you execute the link for sending money
when on the resulting page turn of virtual pc cursor, tab until you
land on the edit field and then you can type in your email address.
Then once done you can re-engage virtual pc cursor and go about your
business without incident. Note this edit field appears as a combo
box of previously used email addresses when in virtual pc cursor but
does reveal the edit field option once virtual pc cursor is out of
the mix temporarily.
I hope this helps.

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Subject: [jaws-users] Sending Money through Paypal

I've never done this before.
I have used Paypal for years but have never sent to an e-maild address.
I need this done today.

I log in to my account, and then When I try, I do not see the send
payment button or link.
Has anyone sent money successfully?
If so, tell me how
Thank you!

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