Re: JAWS not reading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC documents

Chris Nestrud

It is unfortunate that you must disable security protections in order to
read these documents. Hopefully Vispero and Adobe can work together to
find a solution that preserves security and accessibility.


On Sun, Jun 02, 2019 at 05:11:32PM -0400, Annette Carr via Groups.Io wrote:
Two weeks ago I ran into the same problem where Adobe stopped reading
documents that I know worked in the past. Then the same thing happened at
work. Vispero/FS Support provided with the following 3 pieces of
information. The directions in the 2nd item says it is for Edge, but it
worked with IE11. The 3rd set of instructions mentions something about "App
Container", and I could not find a setting with a name that match up with
it. For now all seems to be well. Information is below my name.



Thank you for contacting VisperoT Technical Support. Our VisperoT products
will read Portable Document Files, also known as PDF files, that are
displayed in the adobe Acrobat Reader program. The following web site
describes how PDF files are created. It also explains why some Adobe files
may not read, if they have not been designed to be accessible.

Likewise, the following link will take you to a Technical Support Notice,
(TSN), which describes how to have PDF files open in the Adobe Acrobat
Reader in Windows 10, as opposed to being opened in Microsoft Edge.

Finally, sometimes there are settings in the Adobe program which prevent a
PDF file from being read correctly. When this happens, the Adobe Reader is
using a set of security options called Sandbox Protections. The purpose of
these settings is to put PDF documents that are potentially malicious into a
restricted environment where they cannot run executable files or change
registry settings. These options can be accessed with these steps:

1. Open Adobe's Edit menu and choose Preferences.

2. In the Preferences dialog, select the Security (Enhanced)

3. Make certain that the option Enable Protected Mode at startup
is unchecked. When this option is turned off, JAWS should be able to read
the document. By default, it is on.

4. Next make certain that the option to Run in AppContainer is
also unchecked.

5. Lastly, the Adobe Reader will need to be restarted after
changing these options.

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Sounds like we have this one fixed. However, I had a document in which I had
to go into Properties and click an unblock button. It's just something else
to look for.

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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS not reading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC documents


I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on my new windows-10 computer using the
latest version of JAWS. My memory is that, when we tested Adobe a couple of
months ago I was able to open and read a .pdf document.

Now, when I open a .pdf document using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the keyboard
seems to be disabled and JAWS does not read the document. I'm unable to
arrow around the screen using my keyboard. Interestingly, my friend, who
helped me set up the computer, is able to maneuver around the screen using
Quick Assist (he's remoted into my computer) and is able to see documents on
the screen.

This behavior is not document specific and is making it impossible for me to
read important (to me) .pdf documents.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ps If there is an alternative program to Adobe that will let me
successfully read and convert .pdf documents to Word, I'd love to hear about


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