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Janie Degenshein

Yes it was as I still use jaws 15

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I'd have to check and see when convenient OCR came out. Was it
available in JAWS 15?
At 08:42 PM 6/1/2019, you wrote:
Hi Madison,

I didn't get on board with JAWS until version 18. I've never tried JAWS 15
with PDFs. When you right click on a PDF in File Explorer, is one of the
options "recognize with JAWS"? If so, you need only activate that and JAWS
will do its best to recognize the PDFs. However, you can aalways use Adobe
Acrobat Reader, Kurzweil 1000, Microsoft Edge, even Word to rread PDFs. If
you like, send me the PDF and I'll test it out with you using JAWS 2019 on
Windows 110.


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