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Adrian Spratt

Thanks to everyone who replied. The old standby, Windows key+pause, didn't bring up the answer. It just has my name as the computer model. I installed Bilarc Advisor, which gave me the basic answer. However, it turns out there's more than one type of computer with this model number, including a tower and a micro, and Bilarc doesn't answer those questions. (clearly it's a tower, but I'd like to have had confirmation.) so now I need to get a photo taken.

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Hi Adrian,
Hit the run command windows plus R

Type: dxdiag and hit inter
You might get a message asks you to check for the digital signature, tab to "NO" and hit inter tab to "save all data button" and hit inter, press inter again to save it.
You'd get a text file on your desktop with the name "dxdiag.txt"
That file contains all your needed system data model, hardware, ETC.
hope it helps.

On 6/1/19, Adrian Spratt <adrian@...> wrote:
How do I find the model number of my Dell Win10 system?

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