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Thanks for the reply. I finally went into my documents folder, found the file, used the applications key and had it opened with Word 13. Without knowing which tab you are referring to,  that seems to be the logical and only choice for my situation. Thanks again for the reply.

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When I open a file’s properties, I see five tabs:  General, Security, Custom, Details, and Previous Versions. The number of tabs I often need to shift-tab twice to get back to the tab list. The number of tabs may depend on the file type. Control-tab may do this, too. Honestly, I can’t remember under which tab I found the unblock button. But I believe I found it by tabbing through the General tab options. I do know this, that if I can’t open a file later on, I will go into the properties and look for an unblock button. HTH.


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Upon checking previous messages on the same thing, I was not able to determine what one poster suggested on doing, which was unblocking something under the properties heading. Thanks for any help.



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Morning all.


Using JAWS 2018, Adobe Acrobat DC and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, I was needing to know something. I have downloaded a form from my financial institution in a pdf format. Using Adobe Acrobat DC, I try opening the document to read it with Jaws, but nothing happens. Can anyone offer any ideas as to why this is and some possible remedies? Thanks.




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