Re: JAWS not reading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC documents

Hozefa Tambawala

You can also use Google Chrome to read PDF files.

On 5/31/19, Tom Fairhurst <tfairhurst@...> wrote:
Sounds like we have this one fixed. However, I had a document in which I
to go into Properties and click an unblock button. It's just something else
to look for.

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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS not reading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC documents


I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on my new windows-10 computer using the
latest version of JAWS. My memory is that, when we tested Adobe a couple of
months ago I was able to open and read a .pdf document.

Now, when I open a .pdf document using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the
seems to be disabled and JAWS does not read the document. I'm unable to
arrow around the screen using my keyboard. Interestingly, my friend, who
helped me set up the computer, is able to maneuver around the screen using
Quick Assist (he's remoted into my computer) and is able to see documents
the screen.

This behavior is not document specific and is making it impossible for me
read important (to me) .pdf documents.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ps If there is an alternative program to Adobe that will let me
successfully read and convert .pdf documents to Word, I'd love to hear


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