Re: major problem with JAWS and Outlook-2019 contacts

Dennis L

I don’t think it isn’t that they don’t care.  What is causing the issue?  Is it a issue they can work around?  Is it a Microsoft issue?  Is it a Jaws issue?  There are so many variables.  I would advise calling and filing a trouble ticket.  I would be specific and detailed in your trouble report.


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Sent: Friday, May 31, 2019 12:11 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] major problem with JAWS and Outlook-2019 contacts


I have this problem, too. I go to my contact list and press Enter on a group name. Only one name is displayed. While on the name I can press right arrow or down arrow. I tab or shift-tab twice. The next name is then displayed. I can press the up arrow or left arrow to go backward in the list. The previous name is displayed. When you reach the beginning of the list, you must press the right rrow or dow arrow to move to the next name. When you reach the end of the list, you must press the up arrow or left arrow to move bck in the list. This same behavior occurs in the address book. Too bad that Freedom Scientific doesn’t care. I shouldn’t be that negative since they have a lot on their plate. Obviously, we need some help with this issue.


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Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2019 9:20 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] major problem with JAWS and Outlook-2019 contacts




I have experienced this exact same behavior, and it is quite frustrating.


Using the Jaws cursor helps a bit, but only gives me a partial group list.


It is also very difficult now to edit a group e-mail list.


If this is a problem for others, we need to continue to make FS aware of it.  I recall trying once a year or so ago when using the latest Jaws version with Outlook 2016 on an older Windows 7 computer, and didn’t get very far.  I’m currently using Outlook 2016 with windows 10, and keep hoping the problem will be addressed in later Jaws updates.


Tom Behler



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Subject: [jaws-users] major problem with JAWS and Outlook-2019 contacts


Hi. I’m having a major problem with Outlook-2019 and the latest version of JAWS. When I go into a group in my contact list, I expect to see the name of the group, then tab over and see the list of members. Expected behavior is that I can arrow down and hear each member, or at least their e-mail address. That’s not happening. Now, when I open a group and tab to names, I only hear the e-mail of the first person in my list. When I arrow down I hear that same e-mail, plus “selected unavailable”. This happens no matter how many times I arrow down (or up). Visually, the cursor is moving to each name on my list.

When I tab and then backtab, however, JAWS does rad the name I’m actually on. So if I arrow down twice, tab then back-tab, I’ll hear the correct e-mail, and JAWS will read that e-mail – the one I’m currently on. When I arrow down, however, or arrow up, JAWS reads that same e-mail.

For the record, Outlook worked perfectly in Windows-7 with an earlier version of Outlook.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

My contacts are set to “card view”, which was true in my Windows-7 outlook.

I’m using Windows-10, latest JAWS, and Outlook-2019.



John Riehl

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