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Ron Kolesar

You can reach the contacts via one of three ways.
1. If you simply want to add a new contact, do the following for WLM
I have my WLM shortcut on the desktop as mail.
Simply go to the shortcut and smack the enter key or abuse the spacebar to open the wlm folder.
Then not while in a mailbox, but outside of a mailbox, do a ctrl and shift  and the letter c altogether for about a second then release the three keys.
Simply following the prompts for adding first name and so on as you tab from left to right.
Alt t is for contact, alt P is for personal and alt w is for work. after you’ve filled out all of the fields and you tab across, you’ll see its either add new contact or save new contact, I don’t remember at the moment.
Simply abuse the enter key or the spacebar.
So that’s one way.
2. The second way is as follows for shipping letters.
Do a alt n for new message, shift tab back once and you should see select contacts.
Simply smack the enter key and or abuse the spacebar and down arrow your way through your address book.
When you come to the address you want, do a ctrl t and tab over to I believe to button or the ok button and abuse it.
Then simply tab over to the subject field and body fields and write your letter.
The alt s to spell check the letter and a f5 to ship the letter.
3. Also, one last way for shipping a contact.
Do a alt n for a new message and start typing in the person’s name, their e-mail should pop into the to field, then simply tab over to the subject and body fields and write your letter.
For my fellow ham radio operators friends, I have their call signs in the nickname field and I bring the address up via their call sign which is their nicknames.
Hope this information is helpful.
Ron Ham Radio Station KR3DOG-PA-WCECTM
Pennsylvania West County Emergency Com-Tree Manager.

From: Lenny McHugh
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 19:21
To: JFW List
Subject: [jaws-users] wlm contact list
Is there an alternate way to access the wlm contacts? In the past I believe that I used control plus 3. Now control 3  brings up windows  applications and settings, Microsoft management console.
This is on a win 7 32 bit machine using the latest jaws 2019.
I need to access a contact’s phone number.


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