major problem with JAWS and Outlook-2019 contacts


Hi. I’m having a major problem with Outlook-2019 and the latest version of JAWS. When I go into a group in my contact list, I expect to see the name of the group, then tab over and see the list of members. Expected behavior is that I can arrow down and hear each member, or at least their e-mail address. That’s not happening. Now, when I open a group and tab to names, I only hear the e-mail of the first person in my list. When I arrow down I hear that same e-mail, plus “selected unavailable”. This happens no matter how many times I arrow down (or up). Visually, the cursor is moving to each name on my list.

When I tab and then backtab, however, JAWS does rad the name I’m actually on. So if I arrow down twice, tab then back-tab, I’ll hear the correct e-mail, and JAWS will read that e-mail – the one I’m currently on. When I arrow down, however, or arrow up, JAWS reads that same e-mail.

For the record, Outlook worked perfectly in Windows-7 with an earlier version of Outlook.

Does anyone know what’s going on?

My contacts are set to “card view”, which was true in my Windows-7 outlook.

I’m using Windows-10, latest JAWS, and Outlook-2019.



John Riehl

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