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Hi Kathryn,
I don't have an answer to your question, but here's a tip for copying what Jaws has spoken.
Speech History
By default, JAWS retains a list of the last 50 announcements that were spoken by the speech synthesizer. For users of refreshable braille displays,
JAWS has always provided a mode where you could review this spoken information in braille. When this mode is active, you can use the controls on the braille display to review the last 50 announcements that have been spoken by JAWS.
Speech History extends this functionality to users who rely on using speech more than braille. If you miss one or more messages spoken by JAWS, you can
press INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by H to open a Results Viewer window containing up to the last 50 announcements spoken by the synthesizer. When
the Speech History window opens, you are placed on the line containing the most recent announcement.  You can copy any or all of this speech history to the clipboard if needed and paste wherever you need it.
To clear the history, press INSERT+SPACEBAR, followed by SHIFT+H. The history is also cleared when you lock the computer or completely log off.
If you do not want JAWS to keep a history of what is spoken, do the following:
 1. Press INSERT+F2, and select Settings Center.
 2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+D to load the default JAWS settings.
 3. In the Search edit box, type "speech history" without the quotes.
 4. Press DOWN ARROW to move to Enable Speech History in the filtered search results in the tree view.
 5. Press SPACEBAR to clear this check box.
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Good Afternoon,


I’m running JAWS Professional 2019.1904.60 on a Windows 10 machine. I’m also running Microsoft Office Retail (or something similar, I’m unable to copy the info that’s spoken when control+insert+v is pressed for the exact version number). I write all this to say I’ve read the “What’s New in JAWS 2019,” but I’m not sure the proper scripts are loaded for me when using JAWS with Office applications. The “classic” scripts are still being utilized, but if I’m reading and understanding the JAWS 2019 information correctly, more up-to-date scripts should load when I’m using the office applications?


I appreciate any feedback concerning the new script separation that’s implemented in JAWS 2019.




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