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Larry Volk

My understanding is that the office classic is for older versions of office—(older than 2016),  but I have found that outlook2010 scripts are still being used rather than the classic. Why this is happening I haven’t been able to get an answer.



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Good Afternoon,


I’m running JAWS Professional 2019.1904.60 on a Windows 10 machine. I’m also running Microsoft Office Retail (or something similar, I’m unable to copy the info that’s spoken when control+insert+v is pressed for the exact version number). I write all this to say I’ve read the “What’s New in JAWS 2019,” but I’m not sure the proper scripts are loaded for me when using JAWS with Office applications. The “classic” scripts are still being utilized, but if I’m reading and understanding the JAWS 2019 information correctly, more up-to-date scripts should load when I’m using the office applications?


I appreciate any feedback concerning the new script separation that’s implemented in JAWS 2019.




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