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Sounds like the standard DVD format to me. You will probably want to find some software to rip to a more pportable/computer-friendly format, like an .avi or .mkv container. Not sure what programme is playing the DVD on your machine but, if you use VLC, you can select individual chapters from what amounts to the DVD menu.

It's been years since I ripped a DVD and that was on an XP machine, and to be honest, as lame as it sounds, at the time I think I let my ex-girlfriend handle most of it. I have some software on this machine that I think would be able to do it but, because I haven’t attempted this, I am not sure how accessible/usable any of it is.

Another thing you could maybe try is use something to capture the video and audio streams from the DVD. Basically you  could play them and record to another format. Again, I can’t tell you specifically what to do, but I know people do do this. I recently got a command line utility called ffmpeg that I think can do this, but haven’t had time to do anything with it. Seems life’s too short for all the toys, lately.

There are definitely resources on the web out there that can help you achieve what you want.


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Is there anyway to edit a dvd video? WBRE-TV has done a few stories on me. I use to have links to the stories and they are no longer available. I requested a copy of the stories to place on my webpage. They sent me a very interesting dvd. All 3 stories are combined. I really could not get in to look at the files, as soon as I insert the dvd or access E: it automatically plays. Finally using the application key I was able to see the files. There is no way that I can break them down, one for each story. The file names are as follows:


So there is no way for me to separate the 3 files and make video files that can be selected on my web page.

The quality of the dve is 2nd to none. They did a fantastic job but I can only play it in a dvd player or on my computer. I tried to click on each file and windows has no idea on what to do with it. I wonder how it knows to play it on my computer.


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