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Lenny McHugh

Is there anyway to edit a dvd video? WBRE-TV has done a few stories on me. I use to have links to the stories and they are no longer available. I requested a copy of the stories to place on my webpage. They sent me a very interesting dvd. All 3 stories are combined. I really could not get in to look at the files, as soon as I insert the dvd or access E: it automatically plays. Finally using the application key I was able to see the files. There is no way that I can break them down, one for each story. The file names are as follows:
So there is no way for me to separate the 3 files and make video files that can be selected on my web page.
The quality of the dve is 2nd to none. They did a fantastic job but I can only play it in a dvd player or on my computer. I tried to click on each file and windows has no idea on what to do with it. I wonder how it knows to play it on my computer.


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