Re: Inserting headers in Office 365

Brian Lee

Hello Teri,

You should be able to just press escape key to return to the main document
area. To confirm that the text did get entered use Alt followed by N
followed by H followed by e to move back to the header area. The text
should remain in the header even though you press escape key to go back to
the main document window.

Take care.

Brian Lee

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Subject: [jaws-users] Inserting headers in Office 365


I'm running Jaws 18 latest build with Office 365.

I need to insert a header that will go at the top of each page in several
documents. Can anyone suggest an easier way to do this? I go to insert,
headers and footers and select edit header.

When I paste in the text I want, I can't close the edit field.

If I tab to try and locate a close button, a tab is inserted in the header

I've tried using the jaws cursor but can't find anything to tell me where a
close button is.

Can anyone help?

Thanks all.


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