Recommendation of a Clipboard Manager that is compatible with JAWS


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The moderators have given me permission to post about this clipboard manager that I think might be helpful to many on the list. I am at my computer a good part of the day and find that I often copy things to my clipboard using ctrl + c. I like the ability to have the computer rmember the various things I've copied to the clipboard and give me access to them for later retrieval and pasting. The clipboard manager I've found that does this very well, is light on resources, and is compatible with JAWS is called Ditto. It is free and is very easy to use. I'll give more of my thoughts about it but first I thought you might want to read the Gizmo's Freeware article where I learned about Ditto. Here's that link:


Ditto is open source and has both an executable installation file and a portable file that can be run by those who prefer not to install into Windows. You can download either from this website:


The default hotkey to access the database of Ditto clips is ctrl + `. JAWS says that key grov but I've always called it the tilde key. It is located on most standard keyboards to the left of the number 1 key on the top line of numbers. On my older keyboard, the ctrl + ` makes an easy hotkey to access the Ditto clip database. After you access the database, focus is at the top on the most recent clip copied and JAWS will speak it and number each clip as you arrow down through the list. If you make sure focus is placed where you'd like to paste something from the clipboard before accessing the Ditto database, all you have to do is find the clip you want to paste and hit enter to paste it to that location. Whichever clip you pasted will move to the top of the Ditto database list. Ditto has a lot of features I've yet to explore but I like that it does a great job of saving all my clips and making it easy to review them and fetch whatever I need to paste somewhere. Also, I like that if I've copied something that has formatting such as from a website and I'm pasting it into  an Excel spreadsheet that has its own formatting, Ditto allows me to paste just the text so that the destination formatting isn't overwritten. I've set up my own hotkey to do this text only paste special.


I've only been using Ditto a few days but I've used another clipboard manager for well over 20 years and I find Ditto easier to use and lighter on resources. I've tried both the portable and installed versions of Ditto and had no problems with either and find them extremely accessible with JAWS. I'm looking forward to using its features to make me more efficient and to learning more about what it can do for me.


I hope others find ditto to be a helpful utility but if you have any questions, feel free to write me privately at walemly@....


Thanks to the moderators for letting me post this.


Alan Lemly

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